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I’m Incredibly Awkward…


The printer had jammed again. Seriously, this mammoth of a machine has the most difficult time just feeding itself paper. I stare at it, thinking that it’s lucky it isn’t actually alive otherwise it would starve itself from incompetence. I start pushing the touch screen to move it on to its next bright idea, another useless solution for me to attempt to unjam it.

Since it is the third time in the last hour this particular machine had jammed I automatically work my way through the list and pull drawers that it says are blocked but they really aren’t and shake the ink cartridge because it thinks this brand new one is empty. Through some wondrous stroke of luck it just starts printing. I glare at it as the image floods my brain of this cartoonish machine as it  giggles like a dumbass and says “Oh! I totally forgot what I was doing! I’m sooo A.D.D. sometimes. How many more do I have to print for you?” It’s fictional smile sends a wave of heat through my face as I control every urge to kick it multiple times.

“Hey! You got it to work! I should just call you over whenever things break instead of IT.” Reality punched me in the gut and his voice nearly made me jump, and I seriously worried that my fictional dialog wasn’t showing on my not-so-secretive face. “Heh…” I cough out, “Just going through the list of things it thinks are wrong.” I think I smiled… Honestly, I’m not sure. I may have looked away too…

Out of the corner of my eye I see my co-worker walk away to another co-worker, “Alexis is some kind of master at everything.” I look up and literally pout! Seriously, no joke! My lip stuck out like an offering to a bird for a perch! He looked horror-struck. “Aw! Don’t give me THAT look. I meant it as a compliment.” He offered me a genuine smile and not only did I feel completely stupid for my reaction, but I felt that I needed to explain myself. “I… It’s just… I’m not a master at EVERYTHING.” I attempted and noticed that my voice sounded oddly strange and not at all like myself. The comment hadn’t offended me in the slightest, but what it had done was make me feel like an ass. Some know-it-all. I have no idea why, nor do I believe he understood it either, but at that moment I let out one hell of an awkward half laugh and fled the village. I ran. Well, not literally, but I did walk away rather briskly.

As I sat back at my desk, completely horrified by my actions I played the scene over and over in my head. Witty quips that I should have said but instead I metaphorically tripped over my own tongue and crashed onto my face. What on earth is wrong with me?! I forgot my copies at the printer.


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I’m outside on the porch to our cabin. The rain is pouring down on the forest around me and my collection rain jars are overfilling, the sound echoing the waterfalls further north of me. The scented steam from my freshly brewed hot chai tea latte is lifting into the cool air, filling the musky scent from the wet wood and earth with hints of spice. I’m bundled up with a homemade quilt and laptop secured firmly on my legs in the swinging bench, my fingers clicking away on my latest imaginative chronicle. Frogs croak in the rain, unburying themselves from the soft earth to sing to the sky that drips life back into their skin, a smile crosses my face as my heart fills with wonderment and my mind sparks with imagination. I take a moment, as a bird starts singing, to take a sip of my chai tea and allow myself the time to feel the warmth fill me.

Over the rain drops and light twittering of birds there comes a shrill voice, “Hey, Alexis? Can you come help me over here?” I lean back in my office chair, the corroded thing squeals it’s protest, how dare I even think to move. My co-worker beckons me to her and I remove my headphones, making sure to press pause on my galaxy S3 phone application so I’m sure not to miss a raindrop. The day continues in reality once more.

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Settled In

So, time has finally opened up for me to get back to my real trade. Writing. I have moved, settled in, finished most of my training in my new/old job and have finally been able to take a true minute to breath and have to myself and my imagination.

What’s happened? How did the move go? You, possibly, ask.” The move went smoothly!” I would exclaim if asked. We were done in time for the big college game. I had a lot of help from Brian, his parents and sisters, and my friends Kitt and Jesse. I found out a few things about myself, one being of which that I apparently pack much differently and more organized than most and what’s really necessary. Also found out that even apart from getting rid/throwing away/donating a large quantity of my belongings/junk I have come to the realization that I own a lot of CRAP! We filled, to the brim, a large produce truck about the same size as the largest U-Haul truck with all of my belongings in my tiny one bedroom apartment. I did not think I owned SO MUCH!

Now there were some down falls, literally. I, of course, did my number of trips, falls, crashes, and falling from the sidewalk into the grass with a desk as Kitt semi laughed at me. An old entertainment center that was bought from target and put together back in 2005 went end over end as Jesse pushed it over the lawn to the trash. And Brian had a large three seating couch dropped on his leg UP the stairs. Luckily he was fine and no serious injuries occurred.

What’s happened in the big/little city? Not much different than the big city actually. I’ve been able to meet and make new friends as well as hang out with old friends and play xbox for recreation. I’ve had my “run ins” with the village crazies just as I did in Tempe when I moved there. All in all, I LOVE IT HERE! The people are great and there is a beautiful view. We have mountains here, which is both amazing and wonderful. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to actually go hiking soon before it gets too hot. But in the meantime I’m going to hop right back into my blog and do my best at finishing my book. Hope you all enjoy!

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