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The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The name of the wind

I just want to take this small opportunity to say that this review was VERY difficult to write without the luxury of spoilers. Enjoy!

By chapter 17 I was so surprised when I realized that I really adored Kvothe. By the end of the chapter I just want to give the kid a hug and some fresh cookies… even if that may put him into a strange state of shock, the poor ragged thing. This is what one will come to understand when I say that Patrick Rothfuss knows the way to make someone really invest in his characters. By the time I reached this point, I wanted nothing more than to be there, in this world listening to Kvothe’s story with Bast and Chronicler.

I was quickly immersed into the story in a way I’m not normally involved. I felt panic the first time Kvothe called the wind when he was a young boy with Ben. I held back tears when Ben decided to leave the troupe, even though I knew it was for the best. When the priests came for Scarpy I was honestly afraid of them, but curious about the church and it’s going-on’s. And I actually cried when Kvothe had to say goodbye to Travis, that dear man who gave up everything to care for unwanted children.

The lore behind the Chandrian is beyond fascinating. I want to study them and pick through every story of them like a drug addict to crack. How did this happen? Mr. Rothfuss strings me along, giving subtle hints throughout the book, enough to feed one’s interests but not enough to figure them out on their own. I have my theories, but so little is given that I dare not commit to them. I know these things won’t be explained in just one book, which already tells you that I’m picking up the 2nd book as you read this.

By chapter 40 or so I can’t help but LOVE to HATE Denna. Exactly how it’s explained to Kvothe, men swarm over her and women loathe her. She’s clever and full of wonder and mystery. Exactly how I wish I was when I was 15, minus the money grumbling and what I have to see as trickery. Also, I want Ambrose to die a horrible death. I hate bullies and I absolutely hate how he gets away with everything. But the pure fact that I can read a book and feel that pure hatred for some fictional character tells you enough.

Just when I think it’s time for a new girl in Kvothe’s life he saves one. FROM A BURNING DEATH CLOUD BUILDING! YEEEEAAAAHHHH! Not to give too much away but this scene is CLASSIC. Who doesn’t like a little Die Hard action?

In short, I adore this book. The author has created such a fleshed out world and characters that you want to run when they run, fight when they fight and all the while you’re cheering them on and hoping they succeed in everything they do. I cried when things were terrible and laughed when things were hilarious and worried when the situations were dire.

This book gets five stars!

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