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At a Loss for Words

I don’t believe in writer’s block. I honestly don’t. I believe in a lack of motivation, loss of inspiration, an overabundance of stress contributing to depression. Which all around destroys one’s ability to be artistic in a positive manner. I can’t really explain why I haven’t written anything in this blog worth reading for over three years. Only that I can’t imagine that any of you would have liked to read what I have written in these past years. Only that I have continued to write on my own, and I haven’t been sharing those words with anyone other than myself.

However, I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this last November, and let me tell you, I blew that competition out of the water. I had 30 days to write a 50k word novel, which is barely over the limit of a novella mind you. I completed the challenge on day 11. ELEVEN days! I wrote 50,000 words in ELEVEN days! I could barely contain my excitement.


And when I went bouncing to my loved ones, proud of my achievement, none of them cared. Not, a, one. They blinked at me like a deer in the headlights. I had ran them over with my excitement and they didn’t even notice. The grill of my shiney new novel smashed under their lack of shit to give.

At first, I was deeply hurt. My depression which had taken hold of me earlier that year grabbed my heart and I cried into my pillow. Why couldn’t anyone notice how much I had achieved? Why didn’t they care? Then it hit me, days later, staring into my granola cereal as it got soggy. I had over achieved so much that I had made it look like it was nothing. I went back to my chatrooms and forums and read from published authors on the topic and every single one of them mentioned the exact same story.

What had I been expecting? I was bouncing! Literally bouncing on the balls of my feet, waiting as patiently as I could for the person to be done with what they were doing so I could tell them what I had done. I wanted them to drop what they were doing and scream to the heavens with glee! Sweeping me into many hugs and pats on the back! I got a thumbs up. Really. I received a genuine thumbs up. If that doesn’t crush your enthusiasm, I don’t know what will.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not writing this, or telling you all this, to cry about my shortcomings. No. I’m writing this because I had a moment of clarity that changed my sobs and strengthened my heart. I was proud of myself. What does it matter that other’s weren’t, or that I couldn’t see their enthusiasm the way I wanted to. I didn’t write a novel for their approval, or for them to be proud of me in the first place, so why was I searching for it? It wasn’t that no one cared, they just didn’t care as much as I wanted them to. That was unfair of me to expect of them. How were they supposed to know how much I wanted them to freak right out and scream and jump in circles with me? They weren’t. There is no psychics in my world. No one to read my mind and hold my hand in the world and tell me I’m fantastic.

So my expectations have changed. I am proud of myself, and that is all that I need. I wrote a freaken novel! I rock! ‘Nuff said.


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The Phoenix Comic Convention

The second I open the door I am greeted by a massive wave of people. I bite the tip of my tongue to escape the shock and glance very briefly back to my group. My husband met my eyes but quickly looked away. “You can handle this.” the look told me and I turn toward the crowd and take my first steps. 

Wading through this on my own would have been easy. I’m small and very quick and I have no problem weaving in and through tight groups of people if it means I will progress further and closer to my destination. However, I was with family. If I were to zig and zag through these people I would surely lose them and luck wouldn’t be what would bring us back together. Desperate searching would and that would waste the precious time we had all planned. 

My husband obviously sensed this in me as he shouldered next to me and we walked quickly and with the expressions of people with intent and serious purpose and the wave split. Convention goers moved out of our way like the parting of the red sea. People dressed in all manner of costumes fluttered about and it was only those whom hadn’t looked behind them that unintentionally blocked our way past but they were easily avoided. 

We made it to the vendor’s hall and paused. The booths of nerd heaven ascended before us and one couldn’t possibly see through the river of costumed geekery that danced and squealed throughout the main hall. We had arrived  We survived the treacherous roads that led us to the end of our quest and now our costly prize was ours to patron. 

The Phoenix Comic Convention this year was beyond packed! We were there both Saturday and Sunday and not only did we all get to meet and greet our favorite authors and artists but by the end of Saturday we even went to a book release party where we were fortunate enough to even hang out with some of these creators of imagination.

*Please click on the images to go to these author’s/artist’s websites.


Jessica Feinberg, a Tucson local artist and good friend of mine was very generous and gave my husband and I passes to the convention and in return we were there to help her out in any way possible. Drinks, food, deliveries to other people at the convention, whatever. Jessica is a FANTASTIC artist! She pretty much draws and paints anything. Check out her website and see what I mean!

ImageI met Janni Lee Simner earlier this year at the Tucson Festival of Books, turns out we have a mutual friend, small world. She is the fabulous author of the highly recommended Bones of the Faire series and she just released her new book Faire After, the final book in this series. We were fortunate enough to attend her book release party where my sister Lindsey won Simner’s entire collection AND tickets to next year’s comic convention!

ImageI also met Jeff Marriotte at this years Tucson Festival of Books. He is one of the few authors that can relate with his fan’s different interests. My husband, whom is a complete science geek loves his books and Marriotte is one of the few authors that my husband will actually sit down and read the entire book in two days. I have a great interest in the psychology within his books and may have shared this fascination with my Mom. I highly recommend his book The Slab and Season of The Wolf.

ImageRob Osborne (the Absolute Tyrant) and I met a few years back at the 2008 Phoenix Comic Convention where he was gracious enough to work a commision for me of Gwen Stacey. We became friends on the classic website MySpace (I know, super dead) but lost touch shortly after we both forgot  our passwords or just lost interest in MySpace all together. He writes and illustrates his own comics and I highly recommend reading his Zango series about a supervillain striving to take over the world whilst in his pajamas.

ImageFrank Beddor is the author of the Looking Glass Wars series. I met Frank Beddor at the 2008 Phoenix Comic Con when he was publicizing his first book. I had been walking by nearly missing him when he captured my attention by pulling us over and bursting into his story. He fascinated me with his excitement for his story and the passion he shared with his potential readers. I bought his first novel then and there and have been hooked ever since. Definitely a Must Read!

While I love staying with family here in Phoenix I just can’t wait to get home and start reading all of the wonderful books and comics I purchased from the above authors. Tomorrow is most definitely going to be a pajamas and a book day. I love this weekend!


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Book Review of Honor Among Thieves by Elaine Cunningham

I had the opportunity last month to have a chat with and take advice from some of the best writers out there. One of the most prominent things they all told me was “Write every day, if you can’t write, read, and read often and consistently.” I’m now on my third book since this advise was given. I took this advise very seriously, since I myself dream of being a real writer and sharing my stories in paper form with the world, and I have come to the decision that I will start writing full reviews of these books. In an attempt to expand my writing skills and hopefully get back on board with what you all expect from me, and what I expect from myself.

Unfortunately, my first review was a true dumbfounding experience. I can honestly say I may have lost something of myself by finishing this book. Which is such a disappointment, Elaine Cunningham, a very successful fantasy author actually wrote this book. I even suspect that she may have really written this book when she was 15 and only just decided to share it, claiming she wrote it much later on in life. Oh Elaine, I wish you hadn’t.

ImageI didn’t enjoy much of this book. The story is confusing and a lot of the time I found myself turning back to previous chapters to re-read something, for clarification and it was still unclear.

This book felt like an unfinished manuscript. Words were duplicated, jumbled, or incorrect all together, misspellings, and incoherent verbiage made this a difficult read, at best.

Did Vishni throw the dagger into the ocean? Because I read that she did, and yet it’s with them in the end. At what point did you find out the big geared secret about Honor, because I must have missed this startling realization until Fox is explaining it to the others. It is no doubt why these books are e-read only, they’re unfinished and rushed and the plot was not fully thought through.

I can tell there were some worthy ideas in there but they were not implemented. It is almost as if she had an idea, a brilliant idea of cons, mischief, and cleverness, and then forgot it half way through.

Ernest Hemmingway once said “The first draft of anything is shit”, and I do believe he was spot-on, but maybe even the final product, unedited, is still shit.

I really desired to be proficient in writing a much more intelligent review, a more fleshed-out review, but in fact I have nothing else to say.

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