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An exciting Kickstarter! 4 Artists and 20 Writers.


I don’t typically promote on my blog, mostly because I don’t really show interest in many things other than art, games, and more art (writing/books). I just couldn’t pass this project up. Recently a post was made to one of my favorite local author’s blog, announcing that he was a part of a project that collected four amazing artists and twenty authors who will write a 50 words or less description of what they interpret the word Nightmare as. If you’re someone who reads my blog I’m sure you have gathered, by now, that I am no stranger to dreams and nightmares and a project like this one is a wonderful collaboration between some of the best authors of darker fiction. Because I’m so excited about this project I hope I can share my enthusiasm with all of you. If this is something you feel enclined to help support or spread the word about please take a look at the Kickstarter here: Nightmares.



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