About Me


I’m completely random. I do what feels right. I’m smart but rarely think with my head. I love the color blue, but don’t like to admit that I like the color pink as well. I’m in a story book romance, irl, and can’t stand actually reading or watching storybook romances.  Yes, my nickname is Lex. Yes, it’s like Lex Luthor. And Yes, it’s because I hate superman with a passion of a thousand burning suns. Deal with it!


Days mix together when you’re happy. I know now that it was really just me noticing time when I was sad. The longest years of my life were spent during my four years in Phoenix Arizona. It truly puzzles me how moving just two point five hours away changed my life. But that’s the whole point of a good story, isn’t it? Life changing events that aren’t entirely rationally explained. Welcome to my life, and my stories.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. TJLubrano

    *high five* I am the same. I HATE my phone with a passion. I rather text. I feel like I waste my time with talking on the phone for hours. I rather see people in person or send a quick email to update my friends. I’m too often in my own little world to notice phone anyway ^_^.

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