The wind rushes by and light trickles of sand sweep over my black mask shielding my face. I glance around to gather my grounding and slowly stand in the middle of the desert. My soul’s goal is to reach the top mountain of my ancestors, to unravel my past and guide my future. But so rarely do any make it back from this journey. 

Taking that first step is what started it all. That one step would never be taken back and propels me forward through the sand. The wind pushes at my back urging me forward and my robe catches it like a sail and I go forward, surfing on the ground as if it were water then stopping at the first hill. As I step down the sand encases my leg but eventually stops and allows me to put enough weight to continue forward. Once I’ve reached the top I can see my path to the mountain top where the heavens shine and the world is encased in light.  The desert below me shimmers like speckles of gold and diamonds. Totems of those that have walked this path before me stand out amongst the vast discoveries ahead of me and there, off in the distance, flickers two red skeins of cloth dancing in the wind.

As I surf my way through sand and wind to the markers I hop at the last second up onto the rocks near it and sing a glorious song. The cloth dances and then disappears into my robe creating a cloak behind me. I suddenly feel lighter than air and I jump up and float through the air and come tumbling down in a crash of sand and light.

Behind me I hear a chirping song and another of my kind has come along for the treck. We head off into the sunlight and off into a world of magic and song.

Journey is a game of amazing scenes and music that breathes through you. Of all the games I’ve ever played I’ve never had the pleasure of just being allowed to have fun, just discover, and adventure on. I felt propelled into this world where I wanted to see the end, no matter what was in my path, just to reach that end. Other players gather throughout the game and can help guide you to new found glyphs and glowing symbols or as you progress through the game you can help them discover their way through. There’s one catch, you can’t speak, you can’t even type to them, all you can do is help them or follow them. I’ve never been one to play a game and just wander but here I am a wanderer and happy to just be alive.


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