Child’s Play and the Humble Indie Bundle.

I would like to take this time to mention some of the best charities that I’ve ever seen. (In my opinion.)

Child’s Play is a charity formed to help children in hospitals have entertainment during their stay. This could be from video games to board games to whatever the hospital feels their children are begging for the most.

Just imagine being terribly sick. Your parents aren’t allowed to stay for very long and you have this crying child next door and the nurses outside the room are complaining about having so much to do while the crazy old lady is screaming for food for the 15th time in the last hour even though she was just fed in the previous hour. This can be quite a scary time to be by yourself in a cold dark place. The only thing to entertain you is the really bad coloring page of Santa, even though it’s the middle of the summer.

This isn’t just a rambling from my imagination but an actual occurrence of what happened to one of my closest friends every time she was in the hospital getting breathing treatments during high school. Sometimes it was only for a few hours or if she was really sick it was for days.  I don’t blame the hospital, it was a very small town with very little budget. If it was something serious the patient was going to see a lovely bill for a helicopter ride to the nearest city. So, as you can imagine, something to help those kidos with their stay wasn’t available.

Help those kids and donate to Child’s Play for the Holidays!

Now, if you aren’t sold on the idea, The Humble Indie Bundle has found a way to make it a little more enticing. They are offering you $100.00 worth in games for WHATEVER you want to pay, the only catch is you have to choose where the money goes: Game Developers, Charity (CHILD’S PLAY!!!), or to help fund the website. The games you get to choose from are Super Meat Boy, Shank, Jamestown, Bit.Trip Runner, and NightSky. If you choose to pay more than the average price you also get Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles. They also offer some great soundtracks.

Be a Christmas Miracle!!!


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