Taken from the Sky.

The rain kept coming down. It had been raining for more than ten minutes straight, which was odd for Arizona. Sure, we have monsoons, but it rarely rains, excuse me, POURS, like this for more than ten to possibly twenty minutes. I turn to the living room TV where my parents have the weather channel up now. It’s becoming obvious that I’m not the only one concerned anymore.

“Possible tornado warnings.” He says. “This weather is unheard of in this part of Arizona.” He continues. At this point I’ve blocked him out. The idiot is still talking but is only reassuring us of what we already knew. Maybe he was talking for the rest of the country. I didn’t really care. My sister and I pull back the curtains, staring at the moving clouds and the winds that seemed to make the harsh rain pour at an angle.

A deep and heavy rumbling sounds from the back of the house. We all rush to the kitchen to look out the back. The dogs were scratching at the back door, begging to be let in. My sister opens the door and quickly shuts it behind them.  The rumbling even louder in the moments the door was open. I remember thinking that it sounded as if someone were ripping open the sky. The thunder was terrifying and yet there was no lightning.

The sparks came from the side of the house. The hallway lighting up as if someone had flicked the lights on and off at an odd pattern, and then the lights went out completely. My parents rushed into a closet, I assumed it was for flashlights and candles but my vision was still focused on the light flickering from my old bedroom window and down the hall. When I reached the window to pull back the curtains I watched as a broken power line fell right on top of the roof. The flickering lights I had seen from the hall was the surrounding walls of the window starting to catch fire. I scream out my findings and run back down the hall to pull everyone out the front door.

My parents rush for their car, my sister and I drag the dogs into my car as I’m yelling for them to make a run for it. The cars start up but I can’t hear anything over the rumbling of the sky. My Dalmatian Mona gets spooked and jumps out of the open door before my sister can close it. We both start to get out of the car to chase after her but are stopped when we looked up. The rumbling hadn’t been thunder; it had been the sky itself. The vortex from the sky seemed to step over the house and land directly in front of us. Mona tried to turn back but was plucked into the air I saw her for only a moment before she was gone. Taken by the sky. I heard screaming and realized that screaming her name wasn’t going to stop what was happening and my voice caught in my throat.

We rushed back into the car, one dog and one sister safe. I wheeled it around and pressed hard on the gas. I realized then that Mona had been dead for a year, passed away in her sleep. Dad had called and said he had buried her near the house. I woke up. My bedroom was silent, my two cats asleep, one on my stomach, the other curled up next to my head. I tried not to cry when I realized what was going on. Why tornados? Always tornados…



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2 responses to “Taken from the Sky.

  1. Wow! What a powerful piece of writing.

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