Stupid Gong!

The snow crunched under her feet as she stopped for a moment trying to catch her breath. The warm blood of abominations dripped from her arms, staining the white ground beneath her as she stared on. There the temple was, nearly a mile away in all its ruined glory. They had finally made it, the prophet’s ashes would be inside.

She glanced back at her party, the other three seeming to be in the same shape as her. Little droplets of blood scattered around them. She had to keep herself from smirking as she thought of the trail of bread crumbs they had left and the type of creatures that would actually follow such a trail.

A shimmer to her right caught her eye. It was a gong. The golden wonder shimmering in all its splendor…here… in the middle of nowhere. She took several strides right up to it, glaring at its randomness amidst the snow. She couldn’t help herself and before she noticed she had flicked the metal and its song sang throughout the mountains and was shortly followed by a tremendous roar above them.

The sun was blocked by the glittering of red scales flying through the sky above them. It was only moments before she blinked to see the teeth of a dragon clasping down upon her small frame.

“…. F^<#… STUPID GONG!” I nearly throw the controller but am startled by my phone and it’s need to vibrate the hell out of itself in order to get my attention. *text*text*text* “How’s your day, love?” I read and text back “Great! Other than getting eaten by a dragon all thanks to a stupid gong!” I glare at the tv as if it cares before loading my last save.


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