Amara – Chapter 2 part 2 – Surprise

<Amara Prologue>



Davan slid out of the shadows near his cabin in the middle of the forest still laughing under his breath. The cabin was small, enough room for one, possibly two if one didn’t mind company, and surrounded by rose bushes and tall thick trees. A soft harmonious voice stopped him in his tracks, “Wow. I didn’t think Wraiths could laugh. I thought you all were void of emotion or something along those lines.” Davan stared at the blonde girl leaning against his front door, her leg, bent at the knee propped her slender leg up in the air. The beams of light that caught her skin made it glow a greenish hue. Davan shook his head while he did his best to force himself not to smirk at her. “Calista, as a Nephilim I would expect you to know more about your enemy.” He spoke firmly, the tone of a trainer.

Calista pushed herself off of the door and smiled brightly. “You aren’t my enemy Davan.” She twisted her wrist in a circle and a root sprung from the ground near Davan’s foot and began to twist itself around his leg. “Are you?” He could see something in her dark green eyes that made him step out of the grasp of the root and draw his blade. Calista smiled, a glorious spectacle on its own, winked and then reached up as a tree branch came to her arm and lifted her into the air within seconds.

Davan stepped forward watching the tops of the trees for any movement. They were completely still and there was silence. He moved around to the side of the cabin and peaked around the corner. The slender form of Calista stalked from the trees above, quietly being guided to the ground behind Davan. She reached over her chest and drew a small curved dagger from the strap around her arm, her bare feet sliding against the soft grass, pushing the blades down instead of crushing them loudly against the ground.

Davan moved quickly around the corner of the cabin and Calista smiled, she had him. She ran up to the corner and went to aim for the pounce but quickly stopped as Davan’s blade came from behind her and pressed to her throat. Strong arms of darkness wrapped around her and pinned her against Davan. He pressed the flat of the blade to her chin until she was looking up at him. She gasped as she saw the blackness of his eyes and he released her. “You loose again, Calista. Try not to be so loud next time.” She nodded and straightened her stance as he circled around her like a vulture. “Of course.” She spoke soft but clearly.

He looked around him and shook his head at the trees and flowers around his home. “They showed you the way to my home?” He motioned his blade to the tops of the trees and Calista flashed that brilliant smile again. “They tell me where everything is. Did you really think you could keep it a secret for long?” She tilted her head, obviously curious even though she already knew he wasn’t that stupid. He just sighed and slid his blade into the sheath and invited her inside. “You might as well have something to drink since you came all the way out here.”

Inside it was tidy except for the books strewn about the tables and along the walls. The furniture was mostly dark and aside from the lamps he was walking about lighting she could see that the shadows thrived here. She walked over to the closest seat that was near light and sat down. Davan brought over two glasses and poured herbal water into both. “I didn’t picture you for a reader…” She mentioned suddenly, anything to break the silence. He only nodded, a slight smirk showing in his eyes. “Not all Wraiths are uneducated.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean that you were…” Calista was broken off by his hand waving in front of her face, dismissing her entirely. “What is it you are doing out here on your own, Calista?” His voice was stern and it was obvious he was somewhat annoyed if not concerned. “I wanted to get the drop on you.” She said matter of factly. “Indeed you did. I haven’t seen anyone out here in ages. Since the start of the war.” Calista looked to the hard wood floor. “You mean, since one of your kind killed my father.” Davan watched her closely, “Botan was an amazing warrior and very difficult to kill.” He said it as if he would have said it to anyone in any setting. The fact that this young woman was a slain elemental’s daughter didn’t matter, it was the truth.




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4 responses to “Amara – Chapter 2 part 2 – Surprise

  1. TJLubrano

    Ooh I love the way you write :D. It keeps me interested and it I could see the scene flashing before my eyes. Really cool! Keep it up ^_^

  2. Amazingly descriptive and picturesque. You lay out a story nicely.

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