Amara – Chapter 2 – Training

<Amara Prologue>

Chapter 2



Davan lay in the tall grass in a clearing deep within the thickness of the trees. The sun was high in the sky but would soon fall and the rays of it’s golden light sparkled through the cracks of the trees, casting beams through the shade they provided. Davan hated the day, any light for that matter. He allowed his armor to weigh him down with the attempt to cast him further into the shade, into the shadows. The light wind and brushing branches were the only sounds floating through the air around him.

As if through a fog in his own mind he watched the world around him through the shadows. He could see himself lying in the green grass and the buck across the way trying to stay hidden. He pushed further with his mind and found his way to the training grounds of Rani. It was there that he watched Dinea training the newly recruited Nephilim warriors. He smiled to himself at her frustration with one of the recruits and quickly stepped out of the shadows into the field. His body that was recently laying in the grass appeared through the shadows after him, broken blades of grass clinging to his shoulder length pure white hair.

Dinea turned to see what had caught the attention of one of her archers and nodded firmly to Davan. Her recruits soon became jittery once they realized Davan’s presence and Dinea sighed in her noted frustration. “Your target is in front of you Soldier. Not behind me.” She barked. The man just glared at her, his eyes shifting from her and to the man who had appeared out of the dark forest behind the castle. “Friend of yours?” His voice came, lined with tension. She nodded and pointed at the target in front of him. “Focus.” He obeyed but with something muttering under his breath as he shot an arrow angrily at the target, missing the center. “Control your anger. Or you’ll continue to be a terrible archer and be of no use to this army, or the Nephilim.” Her voice, much like her kind, was very quick and to the point with barely a hint of actual emotion. She didn’t give a damn if he was a good fighter or if he would be just bait for the swords, nor would she care unless he gave her a reason. He lowered his bow and turned to her, hatred plain on his face. He stared into her golden eyes. “What use will I be? A whole lot more use than a traitor to her own kind. Is that the other one? The other Wraith!” He spit out the word like it was something that tasted terrible just to speak it. “You two, walking around here on OUR lands. There was a decent time when my father would have killed you on sight! Those white tendrils you call hair… It’s like your soul is as blank as your hair!” Dinea perked a brow at the young man, “It is.” She spoke nothing more. The recruit raised his hand as if to slap her and before he could blink he was on the ground, arm broken and twisted behind him and Dinea standing in the same position only now on the other side of him. He screamed out of shock and his comrades started to run over to figure out what had happened. “You’ll have to move much quicker than that if you ever want to lay a hand on any of my kind.” Dinea allowed the other men to pick up the would be soldier and ordered them to take him to the infirmary but the others to get back to training. At the edge of the tree line one could hear the laughter pouring out of the shadows with pure delight.



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3 responses to “Amara – Chapter 2 – Training

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  2. 🙂 I like it. Where does the inspiration come from?

    • Lex

      It’s actually loosely… VERY Loosely… based off a dream an online friend of mine had two years ago. Shortly after, she became very ill and when I didn’t hear from her for a few weeks I came to find out that she had passed away. I couldn’t let it go and have thought about it often. The parts that she dreamed that have remained in my story are humanoids with powers, a war, and a slight but tense love interest. The story line and how it played out and explanations (Why do these peeps have fricken powers?!) have all changed for coherency (It was a dream and very random). I just hope I can honor her with my writings.

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