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What the hell…?

I’m at work. I keep checking the clock to see how much longer I have to be here. Not really noticing the time but understanding that the time of release and my rampant scurry to flee the building will not be happening for a while.

Behind me I hear the familiar pattern of coworkers walking the halls between our cubes. I think nothing of it. It’s just a normal day. Until suddenly there were hands on my shoulders and my name is being screamed. The instant shock that propelled me upwards also prevented me from noticing as my leg gets caught between the seat and the armrest of my chair, as it often does since I like to contort myself into my uncomfy chair so that I can imagine that it is more comfy than it actually is. Within the momentum of the chair and me trying to get up extremely quickly it promptly shoves me back down and my face was compelled to become close friends with my desk.

Hospital rooms are always freezing. You would think they would keep it warmer since so many people that come to them are actually sick. The doctor pulls the curtain around and I see my friend Kim standing there behind him, her hands to her face in a state of shock and tears down her face. She hadn’t expected to startle me so bad that I would bust my nose. The doctor flips through his chart and looks at me. He’s heard the story, had his laugh for the day, and then gave me something for the booming headache that was probably a little more than I could handle while still trying to remember how to pronounce my name.

The Doctor smirks and asks me how I’m feeling.

“Me? I feel pretty.” My face obviously black and blue by now.
“You feel pretty?”
I nod “I feel pretty.”
He shifts his face to the side slightly his smirk growing into a smile. “And witty?”
My eye twitches “But not Gay.”

I wake up in my dark room blinking through the sleep that has blurred my vision. My digital clock across the room blinks green number at me that read 3:33am. I breathe in deeply my hand searching my face. Nothing is there, no busted nose, no tape. It was a dream.

“…What the hell…”



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Rome, February 14, 269 A.D

Rome, February 14, 269 A.D

The rain had stopped hours ago but for some reason the earth was refusing to take in the water. The soil was soaked in puddles and the sounds of the people and horses walking in formation towards the gallows were muffled. A man of usual height was walking ahead of them, his hands bound tightly and his robes, now tattered, would have shown wonderful brilliance on a better day but were now covered in grime. Penalties of sitting and sleeping for days on the cold stone floor of a prison cell. Penalties towards a man sentenced for treason against Rome.

The crowd was silent where only days earlier they participated in a hanging with screams of torturous afterlife sentences and the use of rotten food thrown against the body of the accused. Today the only sounds were that of tears and hushed words.

The jailer Asterius led the bound man up the creaking wooden steps of the gallows to the rope and turned him to face the crowd and the window to the castle. The sun now shining down on the face of the priest convicted of sneaking couples away for their forbidden wedding ceremonies.  Emperor Claudius II stood tall, safely tucked away and surrounded by guards. “Priest, Rome needs an army, protectors from her enemies. And the weaknesses of married men have no place in her army, a law that you intentionally disobeyed.  Therefore you have been convicted of treason which is punishable by death. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” The whispers and sobs of the couples surrounding the courtyard drowned the words of the priest.

Claudius gave one nod to Asterius and the man reluctantly guided the priest to his rope. Afterward the gallows were littered with flowers and letters. Letters of friendship to the priest whom had secretly married couples against the laws of Rome. Letters from the now married woman who would have lost their new husbands to the forced services of Claudius II.

Asterius watched his daughter as she knelt in the muddy water nearby. Her soft breath coming out in long and quiet sobs. Her left hand did it’s best to hide her tears from the world as it covered her face as her right hand tightly held a piece of parchment close to her heart. The tail end sticking out under her hand unintentionally read “With love, Your Valentine.”

For all the Men in Woman of Rome and the sacrifice one Man made for love. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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Amara- Chapter 4 – Confronting a Traitor

Chapter 4

Confronting a Traitor



“I see you…”

Davan’s head snapped towards the direction of Gallus castle, those words sent chills down his spine the moment he heard them. Within moments, Davan picked himself sorely from the ground and slipped through a nearby shadow and reappeared in the shadow Alora was facing. He didn’t care if he was near Gallus Castle, nobody would be able to see, or hear him but her. Her. The one he abandoned the heart he broke the most. Still, Davan showed no emotion for the time being as he stepped out of the shadows into Alora’s view, his armor gleaming in the moonlight as he moved into the moonlight showing the emotionless expression on his face. Leaning against her tree, her fingers seemed as if they were playing with strands of lightning. Alora felt a tugging smile as he stepped in front of her.

“Are you happy?” Davan asked her, looking straight into her eyes.


“Ah, Davan, darling.” At the exact moment her heart beat it sent a shock through the ground from her feet, and continued for ten beats, creating a flash from below, lighting Davan’s face for her to see, her own face continuing to hold a soft smile. He spoke to her and her heart felt as if it would rip from her chest, the feeling so painful that she pushed it away, remembering and welcoming the deadness she had brought upon herself the last few months.


Davan stood his ground as Alora made her lightning dance, her usual tricks, though the fact they were being used on him was a quite novel feeling. Watching her as she walked and brightened up the forest around them, realizing she was able to see his face, he remained still. Naturally, those three words greeting him were electric themselves, oh how Alora had a way with words, when she chose to speak. The roles were switched. Davan was indeed a broken man, and had difficulty hiding it from the woman he once loved those many months ago. She could see right through him, because she knew him so well.


“Are you happy you get to see me like this, Alora? Broken?”


“Naturally.” She smiled wickedly, her lips curling perfectly, her hair feathering her face as the light breeze slipped around her. “You know, you remind me of someone like this.” She spoke of herself. “And I’m sure that you enjoyed watching her break.”


Her words were like daggers. Daggers that injected Davan with guilt in every gash they made on his heart. He remained silent as her words sunk in, the memories rushing back to him like it was yesterday. How he wished he could go back, so she would comfort him instead of torment him like she was right then and there. Davan figured it was what he deserved; he truly did love her, but just not as much as he did the Nephilim. Still, Davan did not make a move, and used every ounce of will and effort to try and remain calm and emotionless, but he knew, eventually, he’d give in.


Within a crackling flash she was behind him, a sparkling hand on his shoulder sent a single tremor through his body. “Didn’t you like watching her break?” she asked, her voice lined with silk and a sweet tone.
As the lightning struck and Alora manifested behind him, Davan watched the small bolts dance across the floor and disappear, his lip quivering slightly as she spoke, because he knew exactly what she was talking about. Sure enough, as quick as Alora mentioned ‘her’ Davan shut his eyes as a tear ran down his cheek. Fighting the temptation to wipe it away, Davan could feel the tear’s every movement as it made its way down to his chin and fell. That is when he felt her hand upon his shoulder. The usual warm loving embrace was now cold and full of malicious intent as her words tortured his very soul. The static ran through his armor, but Davan showed no reaction, he simply kept staring at the ground, showing no emotion except for the sorrow in his eyes.

As silence again filled the air, Davan took a painful deep breath, preparing to speak, “I didn’t enjoy it Alora, what we had was real, you know that.”


Being this close to him was more painful than anything she had ever experienced. Her heart pleaded to leave her chest but her brain pushed all emotion from her face and actions. A war flowing through her as she moved gracefully around him. She paused for moments, watching her words take their toll on him. A single tear slipped down his cheek and when he spoke of what they once had and that it was real she wiped the tear’s trail from his face, a smile pressing to her lips as she felt the cool liquid on her fingers. She wanted him to feel as she did when he left them all, but knew he somehow had it easier. Her jaw tightened and she breathed in slowly, pulling herself back in control.

The conversation was so surreal, these two used to be in love, they use to walk through the courtyard together, but that was long gone, and Davan was now forced to pay for what he did to her. His heart struggled to stay in one piece as he felt her wipe away his tear and smile, she was slowly breaking him piece by piece, but remained so beautiful. He turned to her and his eyes locked with hers until he felt her soft hands caressing his face, every ounce of him wishing she loved him again, wishing she would press her lips against his and make him forget about what had happened to them.

Alora lifted a gentle hand, spiked with lightning and rested it on Davan’s neck as she moved around to face him, running her fingers gently along his flesh, the bits of electricity snipping at his skin, her other hand in a flash was at his throat, dagger in hand and pressing hard against his flesh. She held herself close to him, but was aware of his speed and agility and was ready at all times to move away from him. She leaned in close, her lips barely inches from his ear as she whispered as sweetly as she could manage without her voice cracking, “I came here to kill you, love. But I believe I like you better this way.”
The sparks ran through Davan, outlining the tattoo on his neck, the feeling was bittersweet, as the touch was painful but calming. Davan felt the cold sting of her blade pressed against his neck. Alora’s words were a blessing in disguise, as they bought enough time for Davan to slowly grab his dirk, and firmly press it against her lower stomach, making sure she could feel it’s sharp edge without necessarily cutting her. A slight smirk spread across his face as he grabbed her neck and brought her closer to him, staring face to face, staring her straight in the eyes. As their eyes met Davan pressed her body tightly against his, his hand against her back, sparks kicking up from her spine, trailing his fingers. Their lips almost touching as he spoke. “If you enjoy it so, stay.”


Alora paused. She felt the cool silver of a blade against her stomach, a smile pressing at her lips just before Davan pulled her closer to him. She moved her hand from his shoulder and caressed him softly along his cheek how she used to before, when she loved him. She settled herself against him, her arm wrapping itself around the back of his neck as she glided the blade of her dagger around his neck to rest the tip just behind his spine. They had gotten the drop on each other.

“Do you remember when we used to dance in the courtyard? How we would always be happy, in that courtyard, dancing in the moonlight, together? Those beautiful dresses you wore. Oh the times we had.” he said, letting out a faint laugh as he finished the sentence, the situation allowed for Davan to straighten his mind out. Their shadows created by the bright moonlight began to move, to dance, waltzing around them as they held blades to each other, Alora had her tricks, Davan had his. He paused for a second, the smile fading from his face as he spoke. “Who would have thought we would dance again?”
She leaned closer, pressing her lips gently against the corner of his softly. “What do you need my darling? Someone to comfort you? To love?” she smiled sweetly to him “To rip another’s soul from them?” her blue eyes looked as if they would scream, she avoided the shadows dancing around them, pressing hard on the pain from her heart and fought the tears that threatened her.


Davan stood still as Alora adjusted herself, trying not to tempt the dagger that softly dug into his neck. However, her touch was still sweet, still graceful. Davan was sure to keep the blade steady, he never forgot of the woman’s speed and how dangerous she could be if you gave her a speck of time. Her words were hurtful, but her voice beautiful, it tricked you into listening and taking in her words. Her eyes on her other hand, told another story, a story of emotion, a story of a romantic tragedy caused by the actions of Davan himself, how he wished he could take it all back, so that he never hurt her.

The temptation to kiss her as he felt her lips so close his was overwhelming, taking every ounce of Davan’s will to hold him back. Instead, with his free hand, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pressed her against him, twisting the dirk so the flat of the blade was mostly what threatened her. The situation would definitely become more tense, but Davan found a strange sense of comfort as he held her. He reminded himself of the question she asked him, her eyes almost dragging him into a trance, perhaps another one of her tricks. Davan wore a smirk as he prepared to answer with a question of his own, their shadows still dancing around them.

“What do you want my dearest Alora? Do you really wish to spill my blood, or be with me like those many nights before? You have your dagger at my neck, do it. If you want to so bad, do it. That is what you want, isn’t it?”


Alora felt everything inside her explode. A shock of lightning slipped from her skin and shot Davan from her. She had moved her dagger from his neck while he spoke but his dagger had sliced through the leather armor and into the skin of her side. She didn’t look but could feel the warm drips of fresh blood trickling down the side of her stomach. Her blue eyes were hard and passionate anger filled her. “You, darling, will be left to live with your mistakes and your pain.” She could feel herself getting weaker and was losing blood quickly. She gave him a light sweet smile and a strike of lightning from the earth to the sky was the last site of her before him.

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Amara- Chapter 3- Whispering Forest

Chapter 3

Whispering Forest



Alora silently stepped from the castle stairs, her fingers playing with the tightening straps of her arm band. She wouldn’t want the dagger inside to slip out accidently. The world was silent around her aside from her still cool leather armor creaking against itself. Habitually her eyes drifted to the rose courtyard and her body stiffened for a moment before she quickened her pace into the burned trees of the once beautiful forest. She inhaled deeply and as she slowly released the air sparks of lightning ran through her skin, guiding itself along her spine and throughout her veins it seemed to highlight her armor. She watched ahead of herself and then thrust her fist against the ground.

The brilliant white light ran through her arm and struck the ground as her fist did, sending the bolts through the ground in each direction towards all wondering Wraiths. It was only a matter of seconds before each of them, except for Davan, would be given a rather rude strike of lightning next to them. She counted on their reactions, knew which ones would come out of fear and which would come out of anger. The muscles of her face dared to pull a wicked smile to her lips at the thought but her mind was racing with the thought of finally finding her traitor.


She pulled herself back to stand and glared into the shadows of the nearby ashen trees. “Don’t let me catch you.” She spoke harshly, meaning for Davan to hear her wherever he was. The traitor. The one who abandoned them all, abandoned her. Alora watched through the trees as the sun began to sink in the now darkening sky. The shadows would be full and soon he would be able to hear her, see her everywhere she dared to breathe loud enough. She took a knee and pressed a hand to the ground as she focused her energy from her core and pressed it through her veins. Sparks of electricity ran down her spine, her leather armor glowing with the light. Her white hair lifted from her messy bun on the back of her head, each strand lifting up on its own, and the tips crackling with the sounds of the sparks trying to escape her body. Her arm seemed to compress against the ground, sending a shock of energy and parts of her soul through the earth, heading in every direction. If Davan was hiding in any particular place, she would find him.



Calista walked ahead of Davan into the darkness from the lanterns of the cabin. If the moons were up the trees hid their presence, and so the darkness was thick and the sounds of the nocturnal chirped up louder by the second. She turned and watched as Davan breathed in deeply, closing his eyes, as if he were breathing in the shadows themselves and they were the best breath of air he’d ever taken. Davan opened his eyes to Calista staring at him, her head slightly tilted and her eyes full of questions.


He perked a brow at her, “Yes?” He watched her blink several times as if being woken from a vision or day dream. “Sorry, it’s just.. it’s like you are more alive when the sun leaves the sky.” He smiled just slightly, “I am born of the Shadows. Did you expect otherwise?” Calista looked out to the trees, “No, I suppose not.” It was quiet for a few heartbeats, “I guess I just forget that you are a,” She stopped. It was as if it was a difficult thing for her to say. “A Wraith?” he finished for her and she said nothing. Davan stepped behind her and rested a hand gently on her shoulder. “Never forget. It will save your life someday.” She went to look at him but he was walking past her.


The sounds of the forest grew quiet and all was still. “Davan…” Calista whispered suddenly. “Something is wro…” her breathy words were quickly cut off by a rumbling sounding from behind her. The trees were moving and quickly. A branch scooped Calista up and flung her into the air. She landed on a thicker portion of the branch closer to the tree itself, the air nearly being knocked out of her lungs in the process. Davan quickly moved through the darkness below her preparing to catch her when she rolled off the branch but she managed to hold on before plummeting from the tree. Calista scrambled onto the branch gasping out words as quickly as she could breathe. “Davan… Run… They…’re… coming…”


Davan realized at the moment that the trees weren’t attacking their Nephilim they were protecting her. Before he could manage to act on his knowledge a horrific scream rattled through the trees in front of him. The scream died out and replaced itself with the sounds of rushing fluid and cracking bones. All was quiet for moments as Davan listened from the shadows and Calista wrapped herself in branches and leafs.


Hideous laugher seeped through the darkness that sent chills through Calista’s skin. “Oh my, did I interrupt your glorious conversation with yourself Davan?” Davan stepped from the darkness, “Why are you here Sirus?” A thin man with short white hair stepped from the tree line, his clothes tattered and his pale skin shined with blood. His arms were away from his sides to show he was unarmed. “Is that any way to greet such a dear friend, Davan?” His voice was exaggeratingly cold and soft at the same time. “I guess I don’t get the warm welcoming I was expecting.” He looked down at himself, “Oh don’t worry, the blood is my own.” He smiled and through the darkness Davan could see his brilliantly white fanged teeth. Davan ripped his blade from his back as he watched Sirus circle around him. “Now now, You have grown so rude to your friends, General Davan.” Davan laughed suddenly sending heat through Sirus’s pale face. “Shut it Sirus!”


Sirus smiled, “As you wish.” The man crumpled to the ground his body piled on top of itself as the skin molded together. Calista clenched her jaw and held her breath to prevent herself from screaming as she watched what she could only guess as some kind of unseen power stretching the flesh of what she thought was a man into something else as if he were clay.


A sharp hissing voice pushed through the being that was now growing and slithering towards Davan until it stood well above his head. Davan stepped back as he flipped his sword in his hands. The giant cobra now coiling it’s scaled body around itself.


A swinging branch caught the snake off guard as Calista landed on the ground in front of Davan and rushed the creature. Davan didn’t have time to do anything but run after her. Calista landed on the tail end of the snake and started moving as quickly as her limbs would allow, wrapping the roots from the earth around the beast.


Lightning struck from the ground to the sky next to them, the blast itself throwing Calista from Sirus and knocking Davan through the forest and slamming him into a tree. The forest around them rushed to Calista and Davan watched as the branches picked up her limp body and rush it through the trees into the darkness. Davan closed his eyes, the screaming sound of Sirus yelling at the sky incoherently in rage far from him. Davan watched through the darkness as the trees moved Calista, her blonde hair bobbing with her head. She wasn’t waking up. He focused on Sirus and watched as the, now man, ran through the forest away from them in the direction of Gallus Castle. “Daddy beckons…” he breathed and let his body go limp against the grass.


Alora was standing at the edge of the forest near Gallus Castle. A smile crept on her lips as she felt the presence she was searching for through the energy she casted out. Her body was still sparking with light all around her. She took a step forward but in a moment was struck by a bolt of lightning, landing distantly in the woods. She didn’t plan on being gone long, and would more than likely be back before the others. She leaned on the hard bark of a tree near her, her sky blue eyes glaring in the shadows in front of her. “I see you…” she whispered. She knew even if she were to only think it, Davan would hear her within the shadows.


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Amara – Chapter 2 part 2 – Surprise

<Amara Prologue>



Davan slid out of the shadows near his cabin in the middle of the forest still laughing under his breath. The cabin was small, enough room for one, possibly two if one didn’t mind company, and surrounded by rose bushes and tall thick trees. A soft harmonious voice stopped him in his tracks, “Wow. I didn’t think Wraiths could laugh. I thought you all were void of emotion or something along those lines.” Davan stared at the blonde girl leaning against his front door, her leg, bent at the knee propped her slender leg up in the air. The beams of light that caught her skin made it glow a greenish hue. Davan shook his head while he did his best to force himself not to smirk at her. “Calista, as a Nephilim I would expect you to know more about your enemy.” He spoke firmly, the tone of a trainer.

Calista pushed herself off of the door and smiled brightly. “You aren’t my enemy Davan.” She twisted her wrist in a circle and a root sprung from the ground near Davan’s foot and began to twist itself around his leg. “Are you?” He could see something in her dark green eyes that made him step out of the grasp of the root and draw his blade. Calista smiled, a glorious spectacle on its own, winked and then reached up as a tree branch came to her arm and lifted her into the air within seconds.

Davan stepped forward watching the tops of the trees for any movement. They were completely still and there was silence. He moved around to the side of the cabin and peaked around the corner. The slender form of Calista stalked from the trees above, quietly being guided to the ground behind Davan. She reached over her chest and drew a small curved dagger from the strap around her arm, her bare feet sliding against the soft grass, pushing the blades down instead of crushing them loudly against the ground.

Davan moved quickly around the corner of the cabin and Calista smiled, she had him. She ran up to the corner and went to aim for the pounce but quickly stopped as Davan’s blade came from behind her and pressed to her throat. Strong arms of darkness wrapped around her and pinned her against Davan. He pressed the flat of the blade to her chin until she was looking up at him. She gasped as she saw the blackness of his eyes and he released her. “You loose again, Calista. Try not to be so loud next time.” She nodded and straightened her stance as he circled around her like a vulture. “Of course.” She spoke soft but clearly.

He looked around him and shook his head at the trees and flowers around his home. “They showed you the way to my home?” He motioned his blade to the tops of the trees and Calista flashed that brilliant smile again. “They tell me where everything is. Did you really think you could keep it a secret for long?” She tilted her head, obviously curious even though she already knew he wasn’t that stupid. He just sighed and slid his blade into the sheath and invited her inside. “You might as well have something to drink since you came all the way out here.”

Inside it was tidy except for the books strewn about the tables and along the walls. The furniture was mostly dark and aside from the lamps he was walking about lighting she could see that the shadows thrived here. She walked over to the closest seat that was near light and sat down. Davan brought over two glasses and poured herbal water into both. “I didn’t picture you for a reader…” She mentioned suddenly, anything to break the silence. He only nodded, a slight smirk showing in his eyes. “Not all Wraiths are uneducated.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean that you were…” Calista was broken off by his hand waving in front of her face, dismissing her entirely. “What is it you are doing out here on your own, Calista?” His voice was stern and it was obvious he was somewhat annoyed if not concerned. “I wanted to get the drop on you.” She said matter of factly. “Indeed you did. I haven’t seen anyone out here in ages. Since the start of the war.” Calista looked to the hard wood floor. “You mean, since one of your kind killed my father.” Davan watched her closely, “Botan was an amazing warrior and very difficult to kill.” He said it as if he would have said it to anyone in any setting. The fact that this young woman was a slain elemental’s daughter didn’t matter, it was the truth.



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Amara – Chapter 2 – Training

<Amara Prologue>

Chapter 2



Davan lay in the tall grass in a clearing deep within the thickness of the trees. The sun was high in the sky but would soon fall and the rays of it’s golden light sparkled through the cracks of the trees, casting beams through the shade they provided. Davan hated the day, any light for that matter. He allowed his armor to weigh him down with the attempt to cast him further into the shade, into the shadows. The light wind and brushing branches were the only sounds floating through the air around him.

As if through a fog in his own mind he watched the world around him through the shadows. He could see himself lying in the green grass and the buck across the way trying to stay hidden. He pushed further with his mind and found his way to the training grounds of Rani. It was there that he watched Dinea training the newly recruited Nephilim warriors. He smiled to himself at her frustration with one of the recruits and quickly stepped out of the shadows into the field. His body that was recently laying in the grass appeared through the shadows after him, broken blades of grass clinging to his shoulder length pure white hair.

Dinea turned to see what had caught the attention of one of her archers and nodded firmly to Davan. Her recruits soon became jittery once they realized Davan’s presence and Dinea sighed in her noted frustration. “Your target is in front of you Soldier. Not behind me.” She barked. The man just glared at her, his eyes shifting from her and to the man who had appeared out of the dark forest behind the castle. “Friend of yours?” His voice came, lined with tension. She nodded and pointed at the target in front of him. “Focus.” He obeyed but with something muttering under his breath as he shot an arrow angrily at the target, missing the center. “Control your anger. Or you’ll continue to be a terrible archer and be of no use to this army, or the Nephilim.” Her voice, much like her kind, was very quick and to the point with barely a hint of actual emotion. She didn’t give a damn if he was a good fighter or if he would be just bait for the swords, nor would she care unless he gave her a reason. He lowered his bow and turned to her, hatred plain on his face. He stared into her golden eyes. “What use will I be? A whole lot more use than a traitor to her own kind. Is that the other one? The other Wraith!” He spit out the word like it was something that tasted terrible just to speak it. “You two, walking around here on OUR lands. There was a decent time when my father would have killed you on sight! Those white tendrils you call hair… It’s like your soul is as blank as your hair!” Dinea perked a brow at the young man, “It is.” She spoke nothing more. The recruit raised his hand as if to slap her and before he could blink he was on the ground, arm broken and twisted behind him and Dinea standing in the same position only now on the other side of him. He screamed out of shock and his comrades started to run over to figure out what had happened. “You’ll have to move much quicker than that if you ever want to lay a hand on any of my kind.” Dinea allowed the other men to pick up the would be soldier and ordered them to take him to the infirmary but the others to get back to training. At the edge of the tree line one could hear the laughter pouring out of the shadows with pure delight.


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