Amara – Chapter 1 pt 2 – A Chat with Dad

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“Ah, Alora.” King Orjain Gallous had a voice that matched his children, musical and tempting and strict, just like a predator should. Alora stood at the center of the throne room, feet shoulder length apart and her arms draped behind her, her hands cupped together to hold the leather in place from making her arms bounce back to her sides. “My King.” She spoke gently but with a matching firmness.

Orjain stepped from his throne and stood before her. His hand moved quickly as if to slap her but stopped just before her eyes. She made no movement, not even a flinch. He chuckled and moved the hair hiding her scar from her eyebrow to her earlobe. “Your brothers and sisters still do not trust my movements as much as you, my daughter.” He paused. “You are healing from this indiscretion quickly. I hope that you are wiser now that you bare it.” She only nodded; her eyes fixed on his.

Alora’s father, if she should call him that, was known for his piercing gold eyes. He was the talk of Amara from his alluring good looks to his musical voice and to his unshakable cruelty. Alora saw only death in his eyes. One that she nearly matched now. Orjain watched his daughter closely and approved. “It appears you may be wiser.” He removed his hand from her face, allowing the hair to fall back into place as he turned and walked from her to the nearest window facing the rose courtyard.

“I trust that you are more than aware that your former trainer Dinea has ran to help that foolish Prince Orrin.” He glanced back to her and her lack of movement. He chuckled, “Oh, that’s right. She gave you that mark on your pretty little face when she escaped.” He turned to grin brightly at Alora watching her controlled emotions.  When he was satisfied he continued. “We have word that our very own shadow, Davan, has left to join her.” Alora clenched her jaw tighter. “Now, I am very much aware of your little, affair with your Wraith, my dear.” Alora’s eyes moved from the empty throne to him. “Oh, don’t worry yourself with my knowledge. I would have killed you for it months ago if I cared.” She moved her eyes back to the empty throne. Orjain smiled through his words. “I want you to bring our shadows back, my daughter.”

Alora finally stiffened the slightest smile tug at the corner of her mouth and her eyes lit up. Orjain chuckled once again, “I see this pleases you, my daughter. Now, be a darling and on your way to Davan, send for your brothers and sisters. I want to speak to them. It seems we have matters of loyalty to discuss.”

Without a word spoken, Alora nodded to the King and left the throne room. Once again the guards had been standing too close to the door as it crashed open. One nearly toppled over while the other, more practiced now, braced himself on the snarling gargoyles tongue. Alora didn’t acknowledge either of them but instead turned down the hall to gather her curved daggers and her gold chain whip.

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5 responses to “Amara – Chapter 1 pt 2 – A Chat with Dad

  1. Awesome writing Lex,

    I would really like to see more. There’s only so much you could compile in a blog post. I started a fiction blog not too long ago, but stopped and decided that the stories I publish would be created in full, so I could give them out as ebooks. Great stuff. I really wish I had the whole thing though. An increment can’t help but seem complicated.

    • Lex

      Thanks! I don’t think I’ll do the whole thing. I don’t want my readers to get bored. I’ll throw this sample out there and finish the book and hopefully get it published. That way if someone was intrigued by it they can finish it. I would rather do it that way and have my blog for the fun goofy stuff that my imagination throws out there. =-)

  2. Oh and if you’re interested, I have some fiction on It’s a dead site, but if you want to check it out, you’re free to. I started writing a story about a sexually transmitted disease that turns people into blood thirsty cannibals.

    It’s a teenage romance.

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