Chapter 1



She was starring out the window, eyes blank, as if she were just a doll, her head shifted to the right just slightly. Her mind wandered to places no one understood. Always staring at the rose courtyard.  The door to her room broke open, a creaking crashing sound that would wake the dead. One of King Gallous’ guards slowly stepped inside, afraid to get to close to her. When she didn’t move to acknowledge his presence he stiffened and cleared his throat, “Commander Alora?”

Alora’s head moved a mere inch to straighten itself and only her eyes looked to him, piercing sky blue, almost gray in tone. He could see her chest rise, the signs of her taking a deep breath and he braced himself. As she let her breath go her skin crawled with sparks of electricity from her heart, crawling in traced lines along her veins to her eyes before disappearing into their depths. “What is it Luaus” Her voice was stern but musical at the same time.

She watched his tension drop and for a moment she thought she could smirk but the amusement was quickly replaced with annoyance. “Commander, forgive me, but the King has commanded your presence.” Her body straightened and she walked to her chamber wardrobe but stopped before initializing her change of apparel to glare at Luaus until he scurried out of her chamber without another word, nearly slamming the door behind him.

Alora caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror that rested against the floor, leaning on the wall behind the door. Her features had grown thin over the last few months and pale cream skin was glowing with sunlight next to her lace nightgown from the night, despite that it was nearly mid day. She looked away as if she hadn’t been looking at all and quickly changed into her lightweight black leather armor.

As she stepped up to the vanity she was already reflexively tying up her blank white long hair in a messy bun that sprung tendrils as if soft spikes protruded from the back of her head. Clumps of loose hair fell in front of her face and although she tucked it behind her ear it still dangled to hide her right eye, hiding the mark a traitor once left her.

Luaus quickly noticed that he had been standing too close to the door when it nearly crashed into him. Commander Alora’s figure walking sternly past him at a pace that seemed natural for her but difficult for him to keep up with. He nearly tipped over a stone gargoyle that guarded the hallway near her door as he jogged to catch up with her. Despite his longer legs, he had to rush past her to grab the door to the throne room for her to enter without hesitation. Obediently he shut the door behind her and stood opposite his partnering guard. As if practiced they both let out a reassuring breath and turned to face the hall leading to their King.

<Part 2>


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