Purely My Imagination

I hate the mall. I hate shopping in general. Some girl I am. The people that you have to weave in and out of, the multitude of smells. Women wear far too much perfume. Did they bathe in it or find a way to connect their shower head to mass gallons of “Extreame Florale” and then add a few more dabs – just in case – before lotioning up with their favorite Bath & Bodywork’s fragrance?

I start letting my imagination carry me. No one I know is around, and the people of this city are far too preoccupied with their own shoes to notice that I’m in my own world. As a large group of people scatter around me and I start weaving in and out of the crowd.

The dirt below my feet is slippery but solid enough. The rocks crunch below the soles of my shoes and I cringe internally. They would hear my approach if I kept this up. I look to my left just before passing a pillar, woven with wooden planks to help guide the flowered vines to the heavens. Without real thought or effort I grasp the wood and start my climb to higher ground. Silent ground.

Peering down onto the masses I scan the bustling world below for my target, checking over my shoulder periodically. Wouldn’t want to get snuck up on. Not up here. The fall itself would be deadly.

“Hi! Would you like to try a sample of our newest fragrance?”
I jump, completely startled by the high school sales girl. I give her a warm smile but shake my head. “No thanks.” Looking around me I realize I’m on the stairs to the next flight of mall. I shake my head. Too many games… I think to myself, but I’m smiling.

I had been noticed. Why on earth was the beggar woman up here? I glared at her as she walked away and considered the possibility that she may have been my pursuer. I looked her over once more and decided against it before making my way back down into the crowd. My target isn’t in sight. I would have to move to a different location.

Some sense told me to blend in, to stay hidden where others wouldn’t really notice. There was a fire pit a few yards away with benches lined around it in a square. Man made waterfalls surrounded the fire pit, the crashing water would have been soothing to most, but now the people just let their screaming children play in it. I found my own spot next to a couple having a ridiculous conversation. They must have just met and soon decided to go somewhere more private. I look around the fire, more couples and even families gather around the glowing warmth of the flames.

“Hey Lex! Sorry I’m late.”
My Friend plops down in a cushioned lawn chair next to mine. “Hey! No worries. I kept myself occupied.” I smiled to her.



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13 responses to “Purely My Imagination

  1. Noel

    Nice entry and well written. I try to come up with stories for people around me when I am grocery shopping or…at the mall (which I hate too). It lets me forgive them for their crappy behavior if they’re rude to me. I try to come up with reasons why they’d be such jerks.

  2. AJ

    I do the same thing all the time hahaha…life is just more fun with imagination…

  3. Have you ever read “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty,” by James Thurber? You might enjoy it. The main character is constantly doing this, in order to escape a dreary reality.

  4. With shopping you just have to get in and get out, before you get attacked by hungry sales assistants. Here there is a man and woman who busk with an accordion

  5. haha I just wrote a blog about my imagination going crazy, so you and I both girl. I love your style of writing. 🙂 Your blog is fantastic.


  6. 🙂 Awesome! Mixing fiction with reality.

    I hate those people at malls, as if there isn’t enough people that get in your way, someone has to jump right in front of you and ask you to try some lotion that sucks. I ended up at malls a lot because the Barnes and Nobles is there. Can’t complain when there’s an escape in books

    • Lex

      I hate to quote myself but:

      I bury myself in my books; dreaming of passion, that can only be written, and tales that can only be dreamed of. This is my escape. -Me

      I know exactly what you mean. =-)

  7. ahahahaha.Your thoughts are funny about perfume.

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