The Controller and The Handler

The terrifying and disgusting creatures were riddled with darkness and deadly insanity, and they were upon them. One started running for them, swinging a sword with blazing fury towards The Handler. She merely thought of moving and The Controller moved as well, joining her as they blocked a sword and swung their own, slicing the creature through the belly. It fell, slamming it’s disgusting and now oozing body against her. It’s fresh blood now staining the tips of her golden hair an unnerving color of red.

Watching from a distance it seems like they were merely one person. That is how they are. How they’ve won so many battles. Their seemingly symbiotic relationship won their battles for them. The Handler would think of a tactic and The Controller would be there as if her thoughts commanded him. It was never something they had to train for or study. It just always was.

Another was running at them screaming incoherently, the teeth are what stood out to her, green and nearly dripping with it’s last meal. She thought of spinning around and thrusting her sword into it’s back and The Controller did. She smirked, a look said by many as if you could hear her internal laughter without her saying a word. The ground shook beneath her and the smile faded quickly. A creature uglier than the last and the one before tore it’s way through shadows out into the day directly behind her. Her reaction was to kick backwards or thrust her sword behind her embedding the brilliant blade into it’s skull. Nothing happened.


The Xbox360 announced. A little gray bar crossing the screen alerting me to the death of my controller’s battery. My eyes widen and I leap off the couch, nearly tripping over the coffee table to reach the charged battery pack near the TV. My cats, who were once cuddled warmly next to me on the couch are now on top of the couch or magically appearing from the hallway as if it poofed there. My shin and leg would be screaming at me if they also had mouths. As I practically throw the dead battery pack to the floor and slam the new one in, screams echo through the TV. I look up to see the Darkspawn murder my character. My controller clicks back on in time for my friends over the xbox live party hear me swear in several different key words.

What happens when your controller dies in the middle of playing Dragon Age.



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10 responses to “The Controller and The Handler

  1. If you ever write a book I’m buying it. Your writing literally puts people in the event. It’s wonderfully descriptive almost like magic.

  2. Lex

    Thank you so much! I’ll keep you updated on the upcoming book. =-) I hope to have it done within the next year.

  3. I have never played computer games — no I’m not kidding. I love your wtiting. Feed me more – more more! 😉

  4. Ashley

    Looks like your blog is coming along nicely. Great job!

  5. I was scratchng my head at the start, thinking you had read too many fantasy books or played too many video games, then the controller broke and I had a laugh.

    Good story, My favorite part was this “My cats, who were once cuddled warmly next to me on the couch are now on top of the couch or magically appearing from the hallway as if it poofed there.”

  6. Its nice to meet a fellow gamer chick.

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