Death of the Doctor

She killed a man not 15 paces away. He was wearing a billowing outfit, he stuck out like a sore thumb. She’d seen him do someone else in before. She had laughed to herself, thinking he was like a feather pillow that stabs. The pillow that stabs. She giggled to herself. Who said a courtesan couldn’t also be a crazy loon?

She stopped and sat down on a wooden bench, obviously tired and getting the feeling someone new was on her trail. She pushed her hair off her shoulders and crossed her legs as she leaned against the wall behind her. She looked up, the sun casting strange shadows above the building in front of her. Her gaze made it’s way up the building. The Doctor she had saved earlier was leaning over the edge of the building, glaring at her through the creepy mask. It sent chills up her spine.

It would have been her instinct to run, dodge around buildings and hide before attempting to knock him unconscious as he would run by her. But there was someone behind him. He was creeping up on the doctor, it looked like a soldier. What the hell was he doing up there? She watched him tap the Doctor on the shoulder and quickly slip away.

The doctor quickly grabbed at his throat. She could hear him gasping for air before falling from the roof and landing in a dying lump on the ground. His syringe slipped from his hands as she stood smiling at her would be killer and then ran, closing the gates behind her.

Laughter broke the silence.
“HA! Did you see that?!” Brian says.
I’m already laughing, “Of course I did! You saved me!”
“You’re a bastard, Brian.” Cody murmurs over the headset.
I just keep giggling.

One more installment of Assassins Creed Brotherhood.



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5 responses to “Death of the Doctor

  1. Yay! I love your writing. I have subscribed to your blog “liked” this post and want to tweet it but I can’t. See here for enabling sharing buttons

    Please be aware that although I’m an avid reader I’m not a frequent commenter. I find it very difficult to comment on posts like this one. What is there to say? I’m enthralled — feed me more. lol 😀

    P.S I believe you will want to connect with Aheila and LovyBoheme at blogcatalog.

    • Lex

      Thanks a ton! I added the sharing button. I didn’t even realize it was off, so thank you again for pointing that out. =-)

      And it’s okay if you don’t have time to comment or don’t really know what to say. I completely understand, I just hope you enjoy my posts.

      I’ll check out Aheila and LovyBoheme. =-) Love suggestions.

      • I’m so glad I have found your blog. I tweeted without the button … lol 😀 but adding sharing buttons is a good thing because it increases your brodcast range. If you have a Twitter and/or stumbleupon account then please post your usernames there into my blogcatalog shoutbox and I’ll connect with you there too. 🙂

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