Stupid Kill

She is a thief. Blonde hair, blue eyes, normal body shapes, but nothing that the people on the street really stare at. The dirt and grime plastered on her clothes is most likely what drives their eyes the other direction. Nobody wants to make eye contact with a poor beggar.

She narrows her eyes and smirks as she walks confidently towards the doctor. He’s in a full doctor’s mask. Those stupid things that one would have seen at carnival normally, but since the plague the doctors wear them, stuffing the nose or beak with herbs so they wont catch the sniffles. She stiffened her right wrist, sliding half a blade of a broken pair of scissors into her palm, her finger slipping into the loop.

Muscle memory would kick in soon. She would pretend to drop something, tapping his foot as she slinked down. It would draw his attention downward. Perfectly positioning the side of his neck in order for her to practically jump up, shoving all her weight into the blade that would now embed itself into the flesh of the bastar…

A courtesan came out of nowhere, bending the thief over as she flipped over her back and stepped to the side. By the time she was able to stand back up straight all she saw was the blade of a fan sharply gliding with ease across her throat. The courtesan’s smile and black mask the last imprint in her mind before she dies.

“GOD DAMNIT!” I scream.
“What!?” Brian yells over the Xbox360 headset.
“Stupid Courtesan! She better get savior points for that!” I argue.
“Oh, hey! My pursuer is dead. Sweet!” He points out.
“THAT’S BECAUSE SHE KILLED ME!!” I half yell and laugh.
“Oh! Hi honey!” He laughs.


The joys of Assassins Creed Brotherhood on the Xbox360.



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6 responses to “Stupid Kill

  1. Wow. The poetry of gaming. I like.

  2. Hahahaha, I definitely was not expecting that (the ending.)

  3. Woo hoo! I just found part 1 of the story here How cool is that? 😉

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