Movie Monday – Season of the Witch – Rated… Blah!

Okay, so everyone knows that I love movies. And when I say I love movies, I mean I love a lot of movies. Even “Bad” movies. Season of the Witch has some awesome trailers out there. Here I’m watching the trailer thinking,

.o0(Holy crap! That looks epic!)

So a group of us adventured into the theater expecting our imaginations to be all… adventured. The four of us all left with a “Meh” feeling. We expected too much. The trailer deceived us. When we were expecting epic mystical battles not unlike Lord of The Rings or maybe even Harry Potter, we got gypped. We, I, just wanted it to be MORE.

This being said I feel the need to also state that the movie is not BAD, but it’s not the epicness that one would hope for. The best comparison I can think of is Clash of the Titans Vs. 300.


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