Do I have a stummy ache, or is that hunger pains?

You know what’s sad? That I’m actually asking this question.


So, It’s Weigh in Wednesday and I’m currently at 148lbs. I started the HCG + Colon Cleanse Pills (TMI?) + Thyroid Energy pills on December 29th and I’m on day 8 out 40. Starting weight was 158lbs with a goal weight of 120lbs by March 31st (My Move to Tucson Date). My Doctor decided I could easily do this within 40 days. So we shall see…. I’m skeptical, but stubborn. I’ll stick to this fricken diet!

Now, back to my question. I haven’t felt hungry in close to two years. How is that possible, you ask? Simple. My body was holding onto “Abnormal” fat. Why? Because when I was eating, although I felt I was eating rather healthy, I reduced my amount of Iron intake, and was eating too many sugars, oils, and wheat. Solution? My Doctor places me on this god awful diet. Question: Are the Aches in my belly from my head cold or my diet? Personally, I think it’s a mixture of both… go figure.



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8 responses to “Do I have a stummy ache, or is that hunger pains?

  1. What is your diet, exactly?

    • Lex

      I’m on the HCG diet which consists of 500cal a day max. I take the drops 3 times a day and they also stop hunger cravings. I’m also on the Colon Cleanse (Which I’m pretty sure that’s where the empty feeling and stomach ache are coming from) and thyroid energy pills, which kick my thyroid back into gear and boosts my metabolism (which is almost non existent.) My diet allows me to eat almost anything barring fat, oils, sugar, and wheat. HCG bars the Fat and Oil but my Doctor has also taken me off of sugar and wheat to lower my insulin levels to help me sleep at night. (I wake up every night, no matter what time I go to bed, at 3-4am and go back to sleep until 6am.)

  2. Ouch! That’s rough! But at least your doc actually sees “wheat” as a cause for your insulin levels! A lot of docs don’t equate “carbs” with “sugar” even though they are.

    Good luck! It sound strict and rough!

  3. Uggg…I hate dieting. I’m just about where you are and my goal is almost exactly the same…30lbs by mid march. Good luck!

  4. wow i use to have this theme.

    Dieting sucks, I almost never understand it.

    • Lex

      Yeah, I need a new theme but I have yet to find one that actually fits my blog.

      Dieting does suck, but it’s the best thing for my health right now. It’s either that or be fat. lol

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