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Amara – Chapter 1 pt 2 – A Chat with Dad

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“Ah, Alora.” King Orjain Gallous had a voice that matched his children, musical and tempting and strict, just like a predator should. Alora stood at the center of the throne room, feet shoulder length apart and her arms draped behind her, her hands cupped together to hold the leather in place from making her arms bounce back to her sides. “My King.” She spoke gently but with a matching firmness.

Orjain stepped from his throne and stood before her. His hand moved quickly as if to slap her but stopped just before her eyes. She made no movement, not even a flinch. He chuckled and moved the hair hiding her scar from her eyebrow to her earlobe. “Your brothers and sisters still do not trust my movements as much as you, my daughter.” He paused. “You are healing from this indiscretion quickly. I hope that you are wiser now that you bare it.” She only nodded; her eyes fixed on his.

Alora’s father, if she should call him that, was known for his piercing gold eyes. He was the talk of Amara from his alluring good looks to his musical voice and to his unshakable cruelty. Alora saw only death in his eyes. One that she nearly matched now. Orjain watched his daughter closely and approved. “It appears you may be wiser.” He removed his hand from her face, allowing the hair to fall back into place as he turned and walked from her to the nearest window facing the rose courtyard.

“I trust that you are more than aware that your former trainer Dinea has ran to help that foolish Prince Orrin.” He glanced back to her and her lack of movement. He chuckled, “Oh, that’s right. She gave you that mark on your pretty little face when she escaped.” He turned to grin brightly at Alora watching her controlled emotions.  When he was satisfied he continued. “We have word that our very own shadow, Davan, has left to join her.” Alora clenched her jaw tighter. “Now, I am very much aware of your little, affair with your Wraith, my dear.” Alora’s eyes moved from the empty throne to him. “Oh, don’t worry yourself with my knowledge. I would have killed you for it months ago if I cared.” She moved her eyes back to the empty throne. Orjain smiled through his words. “I want you to bring our shadows back, my daughter.”

Alora finally stiffened the slightest smile tug at the corner of her mouth and her eyes lit up. Orjain chuckled once again, “I see this pleases you, my daughter. Now, be a darling and on your way to Davan, send for your brothers and sisters. I want to speak to them. It seems we have matters of loyalty to discuss.”

Without a word spoken, Alora nodded to the King and left the throne room. Once again the guards had been standing too close to the door as it crashed open. One nearly toppled over while the other, more practiced now, braced himself on the snarling gargoyles tongue. Alora didn’t acknowledge either of them but instead turned down the hall to gather her curved daggers and her gold chain whip.

<Chapter 2>



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Chapter 1



She was starring out the window, eyes blank, as if she were just a doll, her head shifted to the right just slightly. Her mind wandered to places no one understood. Always staring at the rose courtyard.  The door to her room broke open, a creaking crashing sound that would wake the dead. One of King Gallous’ guards slowly stepped inside, afraid to get to close to her. When she didn’t move to acknowledge his presence he stiffened and cleared his throat, “Commander Alora?”

Alora’s head moved a mere inch to straighten itself and only her eyes looked to him, piercing sky blue, almost gray in tone. He could see her chest rise, the signs of her taking a deep breath and he braced himself. As she let her breath go her skin crawled with sparks of electricity from her heart, crawling in traced lines along her veins to her eyes before disappearing into their depths. “What is it Luaus” Her voice was stern but musical at the same time.

She watched his tension drop and for a moment she thought she could smirk but the amusement was quickly replaced with annoyance. “Commander, forgive me, but the King has commanded your presence.” Her body straightened and she walked to her chamber wardrobe but stopped before initializing her change of apparel to glare at Luaus until he scurried out of her chamber without another word, nearly slamming the door behind him.

Alora caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror that rested against the floor, leaning on the wall behind the door. Her features had grown thin over the last few months and pale cream skin was glowing with sunlight next to her lace nightgown from the night, despite that it was nearly mid day. She looked away as if she hadn’t been looking at all and quickly changed into her lightweight black leather armor.

As she stepped up to the vanity she was already reflexively tying up her blank white long hair in a messy bun that sprung tendrils as if soft spikes protruded from the back of her head. Clumps of loose hair fell in front of her face and although she tucked it behind her ear it still dangled to hide her right eye, hiding the mark a traitor once left her.

Luaus quickly noticed that he had been standing too close to the door when it nearly crashed into him. Commander Alora’s figure walking sternly past him at a pace that seemed natural for her but difficult for him to keep up with. He nearly tipped over a stone gargoyle that guarded the hallway near her door as he jogged to catch up with her. Despite his longer legs, he had to rush past her to grab the door to the throne room for her to enter without hesitation. Obediently he shut the door behind her and stood opposite his partnering guard. As if practiced they both let out a reassuring breath and turned to face the hall leading to their King.

<Part 2>

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The Solution

Clashing of swords and screams around them could not make them stop fighting. Orrin Rani, Prince of Amara and commander of the Nephilim Warriors was pinned to the ground by a spear through the meat of his shoulder. He could do nothing as he watched the battle before him.

Flames lifted through the air from a single smiling figure; a woman. Her long spiraling white hair caressed her beautiful features and sharp jaw line. The shrill laugh that protruded from her mouth matched the screams of her victim. It was the Botan, the Nephilim Warrior, the Elemental of the Forest. The man’s bark like skin turned to ash in a matter of seconds under the screaming flames surrounding him.

Orrin lay there unmoving with no sounds as he watched the beautiful death sweep over his father. She cast her flame for only a second on King Sezan Rani, the man screamed in horror, dropping his now red hot sword and shield, unable to block the heat from biting his skin and armor. She left him there, making a slow snake like walk towards Orrin. She knelt next to him the sound of his fathers tortured cried the only sound left of the warriors that had approached this girl in their forest.

“Hello there, Prince Orrin.” Her voice was thin and nearly as shrill as her laugh. “What have you done!?” He screamed, trying to rip his arm off of the ground and spear that held him. She watched, her fire eyes widening just before she let out, what he thought, could only be some kind of giggle. “Why, Prince Orrin, don’t you see? Don’t you see your perfect Nephilim Warriors in me? Their Elemental blood in my veins?” She clenched her teeth together in a snarl like smile as her skin traced with fire along her veins.
“No! It isn’t possible! You’re not of their blood!” Orrin struggled against the spear the pain lost in his rage.
“Here, let me help you with that, my PRINCE!” She ripped the spear from his arm, clumps of grass and rocks embedding itself in his blood and skin. He coughed and was dizzy with pain. “Oh, my Prince.” She hissed. “You’re bleeding so much!” Her voice was the mother of all lying concerns. “Let me tend to your wound.” She smiled, her hand glowing bright red as she pressed down hard against his torn flesh, her fingers guiding through both sides of his shoulder.


Orrin woke in his room in the castle. The sun glared down on him so brightly he thought he would go blind. As he went to move his arm to cast shade before his eyes he was reminded of his fate by the searing pain that shot through his shoulder and down his back. Several servants scrambled into his room and attempted to hold his struggling body down and hushing him with gentle coos and promises that he was safe.

An hour or so passed before everyone left him alone to his thoughts. Unsure that he was stable on his own. He had screamed about a girl, that she had killed them all. Murdered his father and the warriors in a matter of minutes. They already knew. She had left her hand on him, a print that now scarred over the strength of his chest, over his heart. She had tried to rip it from his body. He thought.

A flash of him screaming and somehow a spear guiding from his hand was embedded in the white haired girl’s heart.

When he came to he had no idea if it was true, or if it was a dream. What he did know, was that this was the solution of that bastard self proclaimed King Orjain Gallous, his solution to the endless war of Amara and her Elementals and their Nephilim Warriors.

<Chapter 1>


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Purely My Imagination

I hate the mall. I hate shopping in general. Some girl I am. The people that you have to weave in and out of, the multitude of smells. Women wear far too much perfume. Did they bathe in it or find a way to connect their shower head to mass gallons of “Extreame Florale” and then add a few more dabs – just in case – before lotioning up with their favorite Bath & Bodywork’s fragrance?

I start letting my imagination carry me. No one I know is around, and the people of this city are far too preoccupied with their own shoes to notice that I’m in my own world. As a large group of people scatter around me and I start weaving in and out of the crowd.

The dirt below my feet is slippery but solid enough. The rocks crunch below the soles of my shoes and I cringe internally. They would hear my approach if I kept this up. I look to my left just before passing a pillar, woven with wooden planks to help guide the flowered vines to the heavens. Without real thought or effort I grasp the wood and start my climb to higher ground. Silent ground.

Peering down onto the masses I scan the bustling world below for my target, checking over my shoulder periodically. Wouldn’t want to get snuck up on. Not up here. The fall itself would be deadly.

“Hi! Would you like to try a sample of our newest fragrance?”
I jump, completely startled by the high school sales girl. I give her a warm smile but shake my head. “No thanks.” Looking around me I realize I’m on the stairs to the next flight of mall. I shake my head. Too many games… I think to myself, but I’m smiling.

I had been noticed. Why on earth was the beggar woman up here? I glared at her as she walked away and considered the possibility that she may have been my pursuer. I looked her over once more and decided against it before making my way back down into the crowd. My target isn’t in sight. I would have to move to a different location.

Some sense told me to blend in, to stay hidden where others wouldn’t really notice. There was a fire pit a few yards away with benches lined around it in a square. Man made waterfalls surrounded the fire pit, the crashing water would have been soothing to most, but now the people just let their screaming children play in it. I found my own spot next to a couple having a ridiculous conversation. They must have just met and soon decided to go somewhere more private. I look around the fire, more couples and even families gather around the glowing warmth of the flames.

“Hey Lex! Sorry I’m late.”
My Friend plops down in a cushioned lawn chair next to mine. “Hey! No worries. I kept myself occupied.” I smiled to her.


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The Controller and The Handler

The terrifying and disgusting creatures were riddled with darkness and deadly insanity, and they were upon them. One started running for them, swinging a sword with blazing fury towards The Handler. She merely thought of moving and The Controller moved as well, joining her as they blocked a sword and swung their own, slicing the creature through the belly. It fell, slamming it’s disgusting and now oozing body against her. It’s fresh blood now staining the tips of her golden hair an unnerving color of red.

Watching from a distance it seems like they were merely one person. That is how they are. How they’ve won so many battles. Their seemingly symbiotic relationship won their battles for them. The Handler would think of a tactic and The Controller would be there as if her thoughts commanded him. It was never something they had to train for or study. It just always was.

Another was running at them screaming incoherently, the teeth are what stood out to her, green and nearly dripping with it’s last meal. She thought of spinning around and thrusting her sword into it’s back and The Controller did. She smirked, a look said by many as if you could hear her internal laughter without her saying a word. The ground shook beneath her and the smile faded quickly. A creature uglier than the last and the one before tore it’s way through shadows out into the day directly behind her. Her reaction was to kick backwards or thrust her sword behind her embedding the brilliant blade into it’s skull. Nothing happened.


The Xbox360 announced. A little gray bar crossing the screen alerting me to the death of my controller’s battery. My eyes widen and I leap off the couch, nearly tripping over the coffee table to reach the charged battery pack near the TV. My cats, who were once cuddled warmly next to me on the couch are now on top of the couch or magically appearing from the hallway as if it poofed there. My shin and leg would be screaming at me if they also had mouths. As I practically throw the dead battery pack to the floor and slam the new one in, screams echo through the TV. I look up to see the Darkspawn murder my character. My controller clicks back on in time for my friends over the xbox live party hear me swear in several different key words.

What happens when your controller dies in the middle of playing Dragon Age.


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Death of the Doctor

She killed a man not 15 paces away. He was wearing a billowing outfit, he stuck out like a sore thumb. She’d seen him do someone else in before. She had laughed to herself, thinking he was like a feather pillow that stabs. The pillow that stabs. She giggled to herself. Who said a courtesan couldn’t also be a crazy loon?

She stopped and sat down on a wooden bench, obviously tired and getting the feeling someone new was on her trail. She pushed her hair off her shoulders and crossed her legs as she leaned against the wall behind her. She looked up, the sun casting strange shadows above the building in front of her. Her gaze made it’s way up the building. The Doctor she had saved earlier was leaning over the edge of the building, glaring at her through the creepy mask. It sent chills up her spine.

It would have been her instinct to run, dodge around buildings and hide before attempting to knock him unconscious as he would run by her. But there was someone behind him. He was creeping up on the doctor, it looked like a soldier. What the hell was he doing up there? She watched him tap the Doctor on the shoulder and quickly slip away.

The doctor quickly grabbed at his throat. She could hear him gasping for air before falling from the roof and landing in a dying lump on the ground. His syringe slipped from his hands as she stood smiling at her would be killer and then ran, closing the gates behind her.

Laughter broke the silence.
“HA! Did you see that?!” Brian says.
I’m already laughing, “Of course I did! You saved me!”
“You’re a bastard, Brian.” Cody murmurs over the headset.
I just keep giggling.

One more installment of Assassins Creed Brotherhood.


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Okay, so I was invited to this site by some of my friends. I want to travel the world SO bad but I usually can’t afford it. If you go to this site they have AMAZING deals. Last week they had a bungalow above the water for only $200 a night. Usually you would see these deals for $500. Check it out if you’re interested. Here’s your invite from me! ->

I’ll be posting a new adventure later on today for your enjoyment. =-)

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